Canyon Road Cabernet Sauvignon 

Rich, ripe berries with a velvety smooth finish

Etude Wines, Lyric Pinot Noir 11

Raspberry and strawberries wrapped in balanced and elegant tannins with a silky mouthfeel

Melipal Malbec 

Full bodied and rich with layers of ripe fruit and clove


Franciscan Chardonnay 

Freshly sliced pineapple and lemon flower with a refreshing finish

Hogue Cellars, Riesling 

Juicy peach and pear with balanced minerality

Icona, Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio 8

Our house white has voluminous body with excellent acid balance, long sweet aftertaste, with tropical, floral and spicy notes.

Squealing Pig, Sauvignon Blanc  11

Passion fruit and grapefruit notes with a citrusy long finish.


Terredirai Prosecco 11

Balanced and full body with apples, lemon and grapefruit


Yes Way, Coted de Provence Rose 11

Light and refreshing with strong strawberry and stone fruit.