Canyon Road Cabernet Sauvignon 

Rich, ripe berries with a velvety smooth finish

Mark West Cellar Select Pinot Noir 

Medium bodied with soft tannins. Notes of plum and black cherry

Melipal Malbec 

Full bodied and rich with layers of ripe fruit and clove


Franciscan Chardonnay 

Freshly sliced pineapple and lemon flower with a refreshing finish

Hogue Cellars, Riesling 

Juicy peach and pear with balanced minerality

Pio Pinot Grigio 

Dry, crisp flavor with apples, lemon, and peach notes


Elmo Pio Prosecco 

Bright citrus and green apple with a clean finish


La Jolie Fleur 

Raspberry, white peach, and watermelon with hints of sea spray and herbs on the finish